Meet our management team

Kent B. Comfort


Kent Comfort is an idea man. Having worked in, and founded, owned and operated businesses in the information technology field since 1968, his focus has always been about seeking better way to serve the customer than the prevailing status quo. In a wide variety of verticals, from banking to manufacturing, Kent has always enjoyed innovating and providing new tools to make life easier.
As former founder and owner of such service driven businesses as Micro-Source Marketing and CRG Technical Services, Kent is now focusing his expertise on the hospitality industry and was a key driver in the development of InnTender.

Ravi K. Bhaskar

Chief Technology Officer

Ravi wrote his first program on a Honeywell 66/60 computer running GECOS in 1980 as a student at the University of Kansas. His professional IT career was launched when he ran an environmental testing lab and required a reporting system for publishing lab results on the web. Since then, he has created a variety of scientific and engineering information management systems—diverse examples include a statistical process control system for a pet food manufacturer, an environmental data management system for a large aerospace conglomerate, a web based event management system for convention and visitor bureaus, and the world’s first comprehensive operations system for waste water treatment plants.

An Oracle certified DBA and a lifelong member of Mensa, Ravi holds four patents and earned a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas.

Tom Boozer

Vice President, Product Strategy (Asia /Pacific)

For several decades, Tom has led initiatives to assist clients with the intuitive design strategies to develop solutions for a variety of market needs.  His background includes creating market leading innovations for a global airline, guiding growing companies through the process of raising millions in new capital, and taking the lead in three new ventures that resulted in their rapid growth and improved their market positions.  He recently held a distinguished faculty position at an internationally renowned business entrepreneurship school.

Tom’s experience spans the globe, including a decade in Asia where his business and product strategy development skills produced strong revenue growth through innovative products and services.

Patricia Ludlum, CHA

Director, Implementations and Customer Relations

Patty Ludlum joined InnTender in 2012 and brings a unique collection of experiences to the team. With a strong history in sales and implementation of software as well as a leader in the hospitality industry, she supports our customers as they work to bringing their hotel processes up to date. During her tenure as General Manager of a Choice branded hotel, she earned the prestigious Hotel of the Year award,  demonstrating excellence in guest services and operations.