InnTender: Transparency, respect, innovation

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Don’t you hate it when someone shows you the newest, most advanced, most-accessorized version of a product and then adds a disclaimer about extra charges for the “deluxe” version shown? We sure do.

That’s why InnTender decided to do away with traditional base pricing, add-on charges, support fees, and the dozens of other expensive and confusingly priced options that together have made up the lodging software industry’s standard pricing model for decades.

A commitment to partnership

Well, that’s one reason. We also knew that many hotels can’t afford big capital investments, long deployment intervals, costly training, and all the extra-cost modules and support services that existing PMS packages are known for. And we wanted to give it to them, without the big price—So as they succeed, we succeed.

The InnTender team brings together industry, technology, customer experience, and user experience experts to tackle that challenge: Creating a world-class PMS platform with a technology and pricing approach that brings the best features to even the smallest property operators.

A passion for growth

We’re passionate about creating the best PMS software, helping you use it to manage your business, and taking our cut only when you’re bringing in revenue—a process that accelerates both our customers’ growth and ours, at the same time.

That’s how we define partnership, something we demonstrate every day through our ongoing commitment to an ever-expanding family of customers. It’s a relationship that centers around respect and innovation—not trying to nickel-and-dime you with endless add-on fees, upgrade charges, and service contracts.