Being of Service

Working in the hospitality industry can be both challenging and rewarding. Several years ago I worked as a travel director and was able to manage incentive travel programs at some very exotic five star destinations. What I learned about the hospitality industry is just how much work it is to constantly be of service to others. Everything we did was for the purpose of providing our guests with an experience that “exceeded their expectations.”

There were moments when my desire to serve exhausted me and tested my limits which convinced me that hospitality personnel work extremely hard and sometimes for very little in return. Patience, kindness, efficiency and a desire to serve are the qualities that make one excel in the service industry.

If you are looking for a property management system that will dramatically improve the way you do business, please call us. We promise to support you 24-7 so that you will always be able to provide the type of service that will exceed your guest’s expectations.

Kent Comfort