Our Commitment To Customers

We have been serving and learning the hospitality industry for several years now. And our experience has taught us much about the myriad of challenges you confront and manage every day. Many of those challenges include all the creative ways vendors you deal with have devised to cause your cost of operations to increase.

Everything from the consumable supplies you purchase and stock to the services you must purchase or subscribe to, impact your bottom line. The task of controlling these necessary expenses can be very confusing because of how the charges are applied and presented.

Many hotel operators have told us that their greatest aggravation is the feeling of being misled, or at least not clearly explained to regarding their actual cost of the services they buy. It may be due to hidden fees, or special charges that kick in due to situational circumstances you cannot avoid or foresee. Sometimes the contract terms are so confusing and vague that they do not realize what they agreed to until the invoices arrive.

The two expense categories we hear these complaints about frequently relate to CRS providers and credit card payment processors. In both cases, you commonly state that “fees” and “cost” is rarely the same thing when the bill shows up. And in response to this issue, new businesses are emerging that strive to deliver greater transparency compared to typical offerings.

These market-disrupting companies are onto something. Their intent is to provide a pricing structure and methodology that has no complicated formulas and exceptions embedded into the client/vendor agreement. Just a straightforward, single rate or number that never varies or changes for any reason is what you prefer and deserve.

Our commitment to you is to be one of those companies, and to find partnership opportunities and relationships we can interface with whose operating practice matches ours. We are pleased to report we are having success with this effort, and we are more excited than ever about the ways we have discovered for saving you money and reducing confusion. You already have enough to keep track of. We want to be the supplier partner you do not have to worry about.

Kent Comfort