What makes a product great?

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner posted an excellent blog about the Five Dimensions of a Great Product. You can view his article here. We decided to ask how these dimensions are reflected in the mission and goals for InnTender. Below is the result. Thanks for the inspiration, Jeff!

    Delivers on a strategic value proposition in a world-class way –Hospitality professionals, have been very clear and open about the challenges and dissatisfaction they experience with the typical HMS software they use every day. We listened carefully for several years, in every category of property, to their complaints and wishes. InnTender is the resulting outcome they asked for. They have affirmed this in many ways. That is why we are being told the value proposition we have delivered makes guest service tasks efficient and economical.

    Simple, intuitive, and anticipates needs – Hospitality professionals are telling us that as they view the InnTender dashboard, they intuitively understand what it is communicating back to them in exceptional detail. Simple because it reveals the entire property status at a glance, intuitive because every visible object is one click away from the next intention, and anticipatory because it continues to inform more completely as the user moves the cursor or touches the screen, by popping up underlying needed details.

    Exceeds expectations – Our happy customers tell us over and over how they never expected to experience an HMS solution that made it possible to consistently complete a guest check-in in less that 60 seconds.

    Emotionally resonates – A capable and dedicated front desk agent always hopes to make a good impression on every guest they serve. The ease and agility with which InnTender enables them to achieve this provides the emotional satisfaction they experience in an otherwise challenging position. 

Changes the user’s life for the better – Subjective as this concept can be, this feature goes to the heart of our corporate philosophy. We are committed to learning how we can make the lives and work product of our users better, and integrating what we learn into every element of the solutions we build and deploy. If we reduce the common stresses experienced in the industry we serve, we believe that adds to quality of life for everyone using the InnTender solution, and being served by it.

Kent Comfort