InnTender’s revolutionary collaborative pricing model

First we assembled the best feature set in property management software.
Then we blew up traditional PMS pricing.


How does InnTender provide such a complete, comprehensive PMS product with full technical support and access to all our latest technology with no required minimums?

It’s simple, really: Our multi-function PMS suite is configured to automatically and transparently collect less than 1% of every booking transaction you confirm through InnTender—a percentage that gets added to your guests’ bills when they pay, along with taxes, fees and regulatory charges your customers are already accustomed to paying. This “service processing fee” simply gets passed on, instead of becoming a daily operating expense for the hotel!


The InnTender Cloud Advantage  

The world of software has changed—Done right, it’s faster, easier, more flexible, and more mobile than the complex, costly, proprietary systems of yesteryear. That’s why InnTender is completely built on the modern foundation of SaaS—software as a service. For you, SaaS means:

  • No need for onsite servers or software, or people to maintain them, or charges to use them

  • Rapid, secure implementation using a standard internet connection and a secure browser, from account configuration to go-live usage

  • Seamless access to the latest version of InnTender, without manual upgrades

  • Compliance with secure browser protocols to protect your data

  • An easy-to-use, continually evolving user interface, familiar to anyone who’s used a browser

  • The ability to centrally and instantly determine access and activity privileges for each user, wherever they’re located

  • Scalability, allowing you to rapidly grow from one to a thousand users with nothing to install and no loss of responsiveness

  • Mobile device support, so you’re never bound to a desk-based PC or laptop

  • Support for Web services and APIs to quickly integrate existing software or third-party products and services, and make them instantly accessible from all workstations and accounts you authorize.

All in all, InnTender’s SaaS architecture gives you more time and fewer headaches, so you can get back to the important business of delighting your guests.



What you don’t get with InnTender

Of course, you won’t get everything our competitors have. For example, InnTender has:

  • No added hardware to install or support

  • No ongoing time-recurring charges

  • No added charges for premium modules

  • No minimum or maximum usage quotas

  • No upgrade charges as the software evolves

  • No added service contracts or technical support fees

Winning together

InnTender’s pricing model is unique in the industry, and the upshot couldn’t be simpler: By equipping you with the most comprehensive, well-supported, and easy-to-learn PMS in the industry, we help you run your property better, without big capital outlays, expensive training, added fees, or long-term commitments. So our drive to help you win means we win . . . together.

More than software 

InnTender is more than property management software—It’s a platform.

Our open architecture makes InnTender an evolving ecosystem of the best products and features for the hospitality industry. It lets you connect InnTender to existing systems you’ve already got, work with third-party products and services you like, and generally keep benefiting from our innovation as we continually enhance the product with even more integrated services and features.