Elevate your goals. Lower your property management stress.

You are the inn tender. And we are InnTender, the most comprehensive, integrated, easy-to-use, affordable property management system in the industry. Why?


Why InnTender works 



Property management software doesn’t have to be intimidating. InnTender is so intuitive that hotel managers tell us their staff understands the basic functions in as little as one hour! That results in less training time….and more time to personally interact with your guests.


Reporting + Analytics

InnTender’s innovative reporting and analytics enable you to create, schedule and share critical reports that keep managers and owners constantly informed on the health of the business. Choose from instant at-a-glance reports that show what’s happening in targeted areas right now, as well as periodic automated summaries that provide high-level consolidated views of what matters most to you. And they’re delivered on-screen or your mobile device in the exact format you’ve chosen.


The InnTender dashboard displays “your world at a glance” on a single page. All the key functions you need to grow a successful specialty hospitality business are in one place. Personal interaction = guest satisfaction = guest retention.

Unparalleled Support

Our US-based support is the most comprehensive in our industry. Consider these industry-leading support features:

  • training version of the application that perfectly replicates the work environment

  • online user manual opens to relevant page with one click of the HELP link

  • training videos cover every application function

  • email help-desk tool that provides an immediate response

  • 24-hour help-desk phone number

There are no additional charges for all of this support infrastructure. Included in our support staff are hospitality veterans who speak your business language.


Security + Scalability

The preferred InnTender browser is specifically chosen with state-of-the-art security protocols as a priority to assure the safety of your data in both real-time use and storage. There’s no limit to the number of users that can be active on the system at the same time, and scaling to more users or properties won’t impact your cost. Cloud service access is hosted at tier-four data centers—the highest level available..


Flexibility + Integration

InnTender was designed to be a secure application ecosystem that will grow and change with you. It supports seamless interfacing with third-party product and service enhancements that drive increased revenues and support Guest Experience Management (GEM). That’s the essence of InnTender flexibility.